DRAFT: Deep Sea Scuba Drones

Draft Created: March 18, 2018


Have you ever wondered what is really and trully lurking in the bottom of the deep blue sea? Possibly think that you might come across a prehistoric creatures like nessie or find yourself wrapped up by tenticals by a Gigantic octopus hiding in the darkness of the bottom of the sea. I know that I wouldn’t like to find myself tangled up with any prehistoric creatures like that, but I would have to say that it would be extrordinarily astonishing to be able to see them from a certain distance just watching them living life in the ocean. As long as I’m minding my business and keeping my distance without disturbing and getting them rieled up with my fingers crossed hopefully no harm would come to anyone.

With tha being said to capture the moment let me introduce to you one of the newest underwater Scuba Drones of today’s future, this is the Fifish P3 underwater model drone robot the name of this drone is called DEEP SEA. This drone lets you get an up close look without ever getting yourself wet unless you want to get into the water and swim along with it. It has a large one inch camera sensor and a 4,000 – lumen lighting to help capture 4K HD video and 20 mega piexel images which gets streamed back to the Fifish app in depths up to 100 meters.

The DEEP SEA scuba drone can be found on QYSEA.COM website and this drone runs around the price range of $3,499   dollars, and comes with video remote.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            DEEP SEA    http://qysea.com

4 thoughts on “DRAFT: Deep Sea Scuba Drones

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    Make your website to have a page that describes what you are doing , who you are, why give that information. That will help you attract more visitors on your site.
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    1. Leslie Vaughn

      Ok thank you for letting me know. I did’nt think it was in the privacy policy I appreciate it.

  2. Samantha

    First of all, let me thank you to share the content with us.
    That is very technological development aspects under the sea. Really, I never heard such kind of wonderful device. anyway, there is more information to store knowledge. with a 4K HD video recorder with 4000 lumens lights, and 100m remote control. Actually, I suggest that’s very important item for the researchers or any person to explorer or task under the sea.

    Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful content with us.

    1. Leslie Vaughn

      Thank you for your input I will follow up with more information as I go through.

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