Drones have came a long way, and have exceeded up to their expectations. These drones have reached altitudes and regions where it might be quite impossible for some of us to try and ascend to reach certain areas. There are drones that are capable of spraying fields for farming crops, drones for surveying landscapes for contractors for rebuilding roadways or businesses. Drones are even being used to survey under water to view the bottom floor of the ocean to view coral reefs, and to survey sunkin ships, planes and such. They even use these drones for search and rescue missions. Drones have been used in tunnels to view the holding of the structures to be sure of any cave ins before entering. Drones are for recreational purposes also for entertainment, these drones can perform differential stunts and maneuvers. There are professional companies out there to be hired for differential kinds of tasks to assist workers for same day deliveries and are very prompt in there services like for instance a company called pro drone. This company serves in deliveries, search and rescue missions, and other situations as for surveying. 

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