Drones – Differential types of drones

TYPES OF DRONES                                                                                                                                                                             Their are different types of drones being used in this world today, on land, in the sea, and in the air. When the drones first came out, It was typically made for military advancements in combatant uses in strategic maneuvers. Today drones have been designed into different sizes, shapes, and forms for anyone to use, for some type of work to a child to have to enjoy having fun with making it do flips, to fitting through small areas that we possibly can’t get into.       

MATERIAL DRONES                                                                                                                                                                              Drones are made in ways to where they can be used on land, sea, and air, some have viewing cameras on them to be able to see in certain areas that would be needed depending on what type of work related situations it may call for sending in a drone, to whether just having fun and just sending it to explore areas we can’t see. People use it to view the land to see the layout of the property, or looking over the rooftops of a house or building, to see what kin of condition and shape the house or building is in. Having one to be under water to view the coral reefs and search for sunken ships, and planes that might have gone down in the ocean to see how good of a condition there in.


Drones are capable of maneuvering in different patterns and hold a position to view and take photographs of objects to capture a picture to have on record and look back on when needed. Some drones have claws to be able to carry objects in case of the object could be harmful pertaining to work related positions that calls for drones. Mostly people are using drones to help around the household, there are drones that vacuum, talks to you on voice command on topics it’s programmed.


Determining the structure of the drones some can take extreme abuse, and a lot of pressure when put through rigorous challenges. They take a lot of abuse when it’s work related, whether it’s on land, sea, or air, drones are put through situations that the human can’t sometimes handle. Not all drones are built for work related situations, some drones are not durable enough to take so much pressure, there basically to have fun and enjoy.


When you purchase a drone be sure to read instructions and diagrams, and look for the regulations before operating. Determining the weight of the drones, if it weighs 55lbs. or more it has to be under certain registration in order to be used within guidelines of the FAA.

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