The moebius drone is one of many submarine drones that are for the mobility of underwater adventure to be able to view and record the bottom of the ocean without getting yourself wet. The moebius drone is capable of traveling 100 meters or maybe more to the bottom of the ocean floor to capture photo geometric images of life that lives out in the oceanic sea such as different colorful neon glowing fishes, dolphins, whales, and sharks like the stunning Great White, the hammer head, or the mako shark, but how many have heard of the enormous whale shark? Besides viewing sharks with these mini submarines there are other beautiful sea creatures that these drones can capture like octopuses, eels, shrimps, lobsters, and sea horses, lets not forget about the beautiful colorful corral reefs either.

The moebius drone can be used for search and rescue missions, as in case someone falls over board, snorkeling, or cage diving, has anyone seen 47 meters down where the two girls goes on a trip and gets talked into going cage diving? well i’m not going to tell you about the movie but it was good. There are accidents that happens in the ocean that Life Guards, Coast Guards will use these drones for rescue missions to save lives in searching for ships that might have capized or have sunken, or one minute your enjoying the day on the beach and you get separated from someone that you could be with or just watching, and the best you can hope for is that they’re lost and didn’t happen to get swept out to the sea by a wave.

Drones are becoming more into this world as we speak. They used to be just for military purposes, but that has been sometime in the past. Today drones are opening up more in the community in work related issues from contractors to use in getting images of layouts from landscapes to make blueprints to missionaries in helping transporting food, and medical supplies over seas for people in need of help. These drones were also meant for recreational fundamentals to enjoy the captured views and images of the photo geometric pictures that it presents for us, whether it’s above ground or on the bottom of the ocean floor.

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