Pro Drone is a manufacturing company that has produced drones in differential types of work related options. They have produced drones into surveying during daytime as well as nighttime surveillance, from outside sports activities to agricultural research and other formalities of surveillances. Drones are being used for viewing the layout of fields for farming and landscapes to measure the form and shape of properties from farmers planting in the fields to contractors building houses, businesses, or rebuilding roadways and highways. This company have drones to go into tunnels into tunnels and caves to view the layout and structure of the shape, size, and form of these caves and tunnels, as well as viewing to be sure of any cave ins before entering.

The company has drones that are equipped in making deliveries to medical facilities, hospitals, and project sites to deliver medical supplies, food products and such. These drones are programmed to do one stop deliveries to different locations for companies for special orders that are needed within a certain time frame without having to go through all the process of stops and redirections that goes through shipments in the mailing system.

Prodrone has developed drones with cost and time effectiveness, and also for precise data collection outcome performance. Prodrone has a simple and sophisticated flight controller that can make their drones fly without any use of GPS by utilizing several lasers. Prodrone has aerial spraying drones that were created for farming crops that grow into deep sloped areas. They have newly developed 3D auto pilot systems that has perimeter to it’s heights for it’s calculations, and enabling the drone to in orchards and mountain regions. Prodrone has created a flight control autopilot system for high performance and industrial drones.

Prodrone has drones that have programs that are all into one system for it’s aircraft missions, and is designed to provide security connection, and human like flight paths for their drones that comes large and with speed. Prodrones comes with controls with industrial and commercial uses focused on the mission control system. Prodrone has drones that comes with arms to pick up items to move, transport, or to drop off shipments.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



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